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JD spent the summer in the US and is now back in Korea preparing for his last year in college.

JD spent the summer in the US and is now back in Korea preparing for his last year in college.

After spending a memorable summer in the US, JD is preparing for his last year as a senior at Pusan National University. Read more about what he’s up to below.

After returning to Korea, I spent a few days getting adapted to Korea, even though I’m Korean.

Now I’m doing several things in Busan. I work at a bakery café and also work as a private tutor for living. Of course, because I’m a student and really hope to get a job next year or one and half years later, I’m studying English. I took the TOEIC test last month and finished to study for the test, since I achieved the score I hoped to get. So, I started to study for the OPIC test, which is a test of English speaking, with this test, I have an interview with computer. And I think speaking practice I did in America will be helpful for me to get the score I hope.

When I first started working in the bakery, I was confused. I had to memorize all of the names of the bread there. So, when customers pay for the bread they buy, it took quite long time. Now, I’m pretty proficient with the work and doing pretty well.

As a private tutor, I teach a student English. If American people hear that, they can be skeptical and can ask me, ‘how can you teach someone English? , your English is not perfect and you have lots of error in English.’ Yes, that’s true, but I can teach reading, vocabulary and how to study English for the Korean SAT test. I’m not sure I’m doing well and the student I’m teaching now doesn’t like to study. Every time I teach him, I try to teach him hard, but he doesn’t look like want to study hard.

In middle of December, I will take a winter class. I have to prepare lots of things to get a good job in Korea. First, I’d better get good grades in college. Second, I should be good at English, I have to prove it with a few kinds of English tests such as TOEIC, TOEIC speaking and OPIC. And also, I must analyze how the industry in which the company is goes now, how the company I want to enter goes these days and I should know well about what I will do in the company and the task and job I apply for. I will also take tenacity and aptitude test. After that step, I will have various kinds of interviews such as interview with CEO, English interview, presentation, debate, training camp and normal interview.

They are really difficult procedures for lots of job seekers, but I should prepare and do well to achieve my dream. My ultimate dream is, showing that someone from a poor background can also can accomplish their dream. In my opinion, economic state and the background of a family is really commensurate with how their children do in school and their grade. But we can break that barrier by supporting and helping students who try to study hard or do well for their dream.

Actually, the children in my house don’t know why they need to study. I think there are some reasons, and one of the reasons why they don’t know is they don’t have any role models to be motivated. I want to be that kind of role model although I still have a long way to go.

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