Dec 202015

KKOOM Christmas Parties KKOOM hosted Christmas events on December 19 and 20 in Gumi and Gimcheon, respectively. On the 19th, about 30 English-speaking volunteers visited Samsungwon and helped put on an afternoon of fun Christmas activities for the 64 children living there in Gumi. File_001Everyone had Korean barbecue for dinner together at a nearby restaurant, and then in the evening, some of the children showed off their singing and dancing talents. At the end of the night, each of the children received their Christmas presents, which they had been waiting a long time for.


The next day, KKOOM board members Aimee Jachym and Bill Downey went to neighboring Gimcheon to visit Emmanuel Children’s Home with about 5 other native English speakers. There, they passed out gifts after the children’s Christmas worship service at the church on the premises. The children also performed some dance routines and sang some carols in celebration of Christmas. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch of grilled duck at a restaurant across the street from Emmanuel.

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