Dec 212015
Levi's Donation

Levi’s┬ádonated 1,196 sweatshirts to KKOOM through the US NGO “Good360”.

This fall, the Levi’s clothing factory in Seoul, South Korea donated 1,196 hooded sweatshirts to KKOOM and asked us to distribute them to various children’s homes and other people in need. We received this request through a US nonprofit organization called “Good 360“. The sweatshirts were all brand new and retailed for 59,000 Korean won ($50 USD).

With the help of friends and volunteers in Gumi, South Korea, we distributed the sweatshirts to 12 different children’s homes, special needs facilities and other small nonprofit organizations throughout Korea that benefit the poor, including orphans and North Korean refugees.


Recipients of the Levi’s sweatshirts were very happy to get such a nice and unexpected present.

Everyone who received the new sweatshirts really enjoyed them. We heard, especially at the special needs facilities, the children there do not get many opportunities to wear new brand-name clothes. The organizations where we distributed the shirts were also looking forward to be able to use them for special Christmas and year-end events. We hope that there is another opportunity in the near future for KKOOM to be able to use its contacts to help like this in the future.

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