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12 Days of KKOOM

9. December 23, 2012 ~ Early Childhood Education

Jisoo will go to preschool next year thanks to help from KKOOM's International Education Program

Jisoo will go to preschool next year thanks to help from KKOOM’s International Education Program

Thanks to funding from KKOOM’s International Education Program, Jisoo (left, almost two years old) is going to start preschool in March 2013, when the Korean school year starts. Jisoo was abandoned near the front gate of the orphanage where he now lives when he was just a few months old. He’s a smart little toddler who already enjoys nursery rhymes and songs, books, and all things spicy (kimchi!).

Typically, Korean kids in orphanages are allowed to go to preschool (with government funding) starting in the year that they turn four, but KKOOM will send Jisoo to preschool two years early. We believe that this jump start will help Jisoo build the social, creative, and intellectual skills he needs to build a solid foundation for his future success.

Additionally, Gaeun (below), a three-year-old little girl we sent to preschool a year early this year will start after school classes early next year. Gaeun will be four next year, and hence eligible for government funding for preschool, so KKOOM will use the funds we had used to send her to preschool to help send her to English lessons and art classes. Gaeun is an exceptionally bright child and is already surprising us with her intelligence and curiosity for learning. She has mastered her ABCs, hanguel (the Korean alphabet), and is also now starting to read and write. Check out her great English pronunciation in the video below.

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