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Dec 212016
Some of the KKOOM College Scholarship Recipients since 2011

Some of the KKOOM College Scholarship Recipients since 2011

We started the KKOOM College Scholarship Program five years ago to help make going to college a little easier for Korean orphans. To date we have supported 14 students in their studies, and 12 have successfully either completed their degrees or are making good progress toward graduation.

The first student we supported in 2012, Jindong, is now set to graduate in the winter and will enter the workforce immediately next year. He landed a dream job in Seoul at SK, one of Korea’s largest and most admired companies. Competition for prized jobs is fierce among college seniors, so despite Jindong’s strong grades and outstanding credentials, the odds were not in his favor to get a job at a major company. Yet, he did very well on both the written examinations and in-person interviews and was actually offered two jobs — one at Samsung Card and one at SK. We are very proud of Jindong and all of his achievements and look forward to following his success as he enters the working world.

Other KKOOM college scholarship recipients are also doing well. One young adult owns her own hair salon. It is small but successful, and she enjoys being in charge of her own affairs and clients. Another is pursuing a managerial career at a national chain restaurant. Another former student is working at a Samsung Electronics customer service center, where he fixes broken cell phones that people bring in. Recently, another got married and is working as a nurse in a nearby town.

The paths the KKOOM college scholarship recipients have taken are certainly diverse, but they are overwhelmingly successful, especially in comparison to the average young adult who ages out of an orphanage home without a college education. By encouraging young adults to consider going to college and supporting their financial expenses, we hope that the current college students can serve as role models for their younger “brothers and sisters” who look up to them in the orphanage homes.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our College Scholarship Program, you can check out previous blog posts here. We hope you will consider supporting our work by making a year-end donation so that we can help even more students go to college. As always, we appreciate your support.

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Intros: College Scholarship Recipients

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Jun 212014

Three of our five KKOOM college scholarship recipients just finished their first year semesters in college, and we wanted to use this post to let them introduce themselves. Here are their firsthand biographies.*

First-year college students

First-year college students

Yoonjung, Gumi University, first year, early childhood special education major

I decided on my major because I want to be able to share the love and grace I received while growing up in a children’s welfare institution with others. The pain and challenges I’ve overcome inspire me to want to help others do the same.

Upon entering my first semester in college, I was most looking forward to making new friends, experiencing a new environment, and learning new things on my way toward adulthood.

The KKOOM scholarship helped out with my daily living expenses and gave me some extra margin to enjoy myself a little.

At the moment, my dream is to become a social worker. Others tell me that I have a strong sense of responsibility, and I enjoy helping others.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, so I’ve always enjoyed going to the library to borrow books.

Sunghee, Korea Polytechnics Gumi University, first year, electronics major

I wanted to study electronics, which I had exposure to in high school, along with something else, and automated systems was a good fit.

In my first semester, I was most curious about how quickly I would adapt to college life. I was really looking forward to it and really nervous at the same time.

I’ve been saving money from my part-time job to pay for my living expenses, but the KKOOM scholarship has covered all of my textbooks and study aids, which I would’ve otherwise had to take care of on my own.

My dream is to enter a large company after graduation. I enjoy making and assembling things, so I hope to enter a suitable profession in the manufacturing realm.

On a personal note, I really enjoy soccer, even though I am not especially good. I am especially looking forward to the 2014 World Cup.

Junghye, Gyeongbuk Science University, first year, professional cosmetology major

Ever since I was young, I wanted to become a make-up artist and a hair designer. After graduation from high school, I received my hair dresser’s license and began working as a stylist in a salon. After nearly 10 years, I decided to go back to school to get my professional cosmetology degree and license in make-up design.

Returning to school allows me to learn about so much more than just hair. I’ll also be studying health and beauty generally in addition to make up and body art.

The KKOOM Scholarship will cover some of my school expenses and license exam fees.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, so whenever I have a chance, I like to visit the mountains or the ocean. I also enjoy reading.

Whenever I get the opportunity to make someone feel beautiful, I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness.

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*Biographies translated from Korean to English by Aimee Jachym.

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12 Days of KKOOM – 2. College Scholarship Recipients

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Dec 152013

2. December 15, 2013 ~ KKOOM College Scholarship Recipients

Fall 2013 KKOOM College Scholarship Recipients

Fall 2013 KKOOM College Scholarship Recipients

This fall KKOOM was able to award college scholarships of approximately $500 USD (500,000 Korean won) to 5 students who grew up in a Korean orphanage. The students use these funds to off-set their educational costs and pay for things like dormitory expenses, lab fees, and extra curriculars. We wrote about these students on our GlobalGiving page last month, but I wanted to share with you a personal update from one of these students.

In the winter of 2012, JinDong became the first young adult to receive a KKOOM Scholarship. He is now wrapping up his sophomore year at Busan National University, one of the top universities in Korea, where he majors in management. Earlier this fall, he sent us the email below. I hope you enjoy his firsthand update!

How are you?

Generally I feel good in my new semester.

I will focus on studying this semester.

[Be]cause I think I won’t be able to get a job if my grade is low.

And thanks to you and KKOOM foundation,

I can concentrate on studying. I appreciate it. Continue reading »

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2013 KKOOM College Scholarship Recipients

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Aug 012013
Clockwise from upper right: Gayong, Geunho, Jindong, Geunhye, and Hyunsu

2013 KKOOM College Scholarship Recipients
Clockwise from upper right: Gayong, Geunho, Jindong, Geunhye, and Hyunsu

In February this year, we were able to award 500,000 KRW (approx. $450 USD) scholarships to five Korean orphan college students. All of these young adults grew up at Samsungwon, the orphanage in Gumi, South Korea. Their majors range from applied electronics to applied music, nursing, and business management.

They’ve been able to use the scholarship money to offset their living costs and focus more of their time on studying. The typical college part-time job in Korea pays around $4.50 USD per hour, so the scholarship ends up saving the recipients about 100 hours of time they’d otherwise be working to pay for their monthly expenses, like cell phones, food, and transportation.

I recently received the email, below, from JinDong, one of our five college scholarship recipients. JinDong is a sophomore in business management at Pusan National University. A year ago, JinDong barely spoke English, so as you can see, he’s made a lot of progress.

Here at KKOOM, we’re extremely proud of all of our college scholarship recipients, and I’m happy to announce that we plan on supporting these five young adults with an additional 500,000 KRW (approx. $450 USD) each for the upcoming fall semester.


Editor’s Note: JinDong’s email is unedited, except for editorial remarks in brackets to aid with understanding.

Hello, How have you been?

I’m JinDong Kim. Continue reading »

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Making Dreams Happen – Spring 2017 Scholarship Recipients

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Jun 142017

Spring 2017 College Scholarship Recipients

During the spring 2017 semester, KKOOM was proud to provide college scholarships to four students in South Korea, all of whom grew up at Samsungwon, an orphanage in Gumi. We accepted 2 new college recipients and awarded scholarships to 2 continuing recipients. Every semester, we ask our recipients to provide a brief update on how they’re doing and what they hope to accomplish this semester and in the near future. Read below to see what they had to say.

Yeonhwa, 2nd year, at Yeungjin College, Major: Business Management. KKOOM is happy to continue supporting Yeonhwa’s academic studies as she hopes to start her own business in the future. During her vacation, she enjoyed company events at her full-time job such as New Year’s Party, employee workshops, and a picnic. In five years, Yeonhwa sees herself as a 27 year old with a stable life in a steady job, striving for a successful life. With KKOOM’s financial support, she has more opportunities to give back to those who are less fortunate and she is thankful for the support. She wants to live with a positive mind and more dignified life. Yeonhwa says “I love KKOOM supporters and stay healthy.”

Mingyu, 2nd year, at Gumi College, Major: Hospitality and Cooking. Mingyu hopes to become a chef or baker. KKOOM supported Mingyu during his 1st year in college. In his spare time and during his vacation, he practiced his baking skills. He is very optimistic about the future; even if there are setbacks, he wants to continue building up his career to pursue his dream. He really appreciates the help from KKOOM.

Min-yul, 1st year, at World Cyber University, Major: Pastoral Studies. Min-yul is a non-traditional student, who spent several years working in factories and small businesses after he aged out of Samsungwon. In 2015, thanks to KKOOM supporters, like you, he had the opportunity to travel to the US with a couple of other grown-up Samsungwon young adults. This travel experience helped inspire Min-yul to pursue a college degree. In his own words, Min-yul’s dream is to become a global praise minister who is following God’s will. His reason in choosing his major is to know the word of God more deeply. He is very happy when he sings praises to God. Through his studies, he wants to learn how to pray and learn more about the Bible. Min-yul’s hobbies are to sing worship songs and stay fit.

Yonghoon, 1st year, at World Cyber University, Major: Social Welfare. While living at Samsungwon Orphanage for 14 years, Yonghoon says his mother and brothers and sisters helped him a lot, even though his grades weren’t very good growing up. Since they took such good care of him, he wants to pursue a social worker license. His dream is to become a social worker, and he currently has three computer certifications. He is willing to learn new things, study hard, and listen to the professors’ lectures. He says with enthusiasm, “I would like to thank you for your support to me. I think it will help me a lot. I sincerely hope that my dreams will thrive.”


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Fall 2016 KKOOM Scholarship Recipients

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Oct 052016
KKOOM College Scholarship for Korean Orphans

(Top row, L to R) Eunbi, Mingyu, Yeonhwa, (bottom row) Jindong, Sukyeong

This semester KKOOM is proud to provide support to five college students in South Korea, all of whom grew up at Samsungwon, an orphanage in Gumi. We asked them all to give a brief update on how they’re doing and what they hope to accomplish this semester and in the near future. Read on to see what they had to say.

Eunbi, 2nd year at Gumi College, Major: Childcare.  Last semester, Eunbi served as a representative from her major to her college’s student council.  She said it was a good experience to learn about the school’s activities and be part of making small improvements to the college. During her summer vacation, she worked at a preschool, studied English and prepared for her licensing exam. This is Eunbi’s last semester before graduation, so she hopes to make the most of her remaining time and enjoy what is left of her college days. Finally, Eunbi says thank you to all of the KKOOM supporters who made her scholarship possible. She hopes to be able to give back to others in a similar fashion one day.

Mingyu, 1st year at Gumi College, Major: Hospitality and Cooking.  We’re proud to report that Mingyu had the best grades in his class during his first semester. He says he is still learning to master his knife skills, which are crucial to his dream of becoming a chef or baker. Mingyu hopes to be able to study and work abroad someday, perhaps in a bakery or dessert cafe.

Yeonhwa, 1st year at Yeungjin College, Major: Business Management.  After spending a year working at a travel agency, Yeonhwa decided to enter college this March, and she is a first time scholarship recipient this semester. She continues to work full-time while she goes to school, and her first semester, she maintained an “A” average. Yeonhwa would like to start her own business one day. She knows that it won’t be easy, but she is up for the challenge and believes her business classes will surely help her in the future. In her free time, Yeonhwa enjoys traveling and photography. She says that taking pictures helps her experience things in new and refreshing ways.

Sukyeong, 2nd year at Gumi College, Major: Dental HygieneLast semester, Sukyeong had an internship as a hygenist at a dentist’s office where she learned a lot and received praise for a job well done. Classes have not been easy for her, but Sukyeong has worked hard to improve her grades. While the KKOOM scholarship’s financial support is obviously helpful, Sukyeong says that just knowing that people support her is equally as important. She says that she will do her best to become a successful adult and be able to give back to others.

Jindong, 4th year at Pusan National University, Major: Business Administration.  As we reported previously, Jindong landed a coveted internship at Samsung Card over the summer. He says that it was hard to focus on classes while he was applying for internships, but he is happy that his hard work paid off.  This is Jindong’s last semester in college, so he is now busy preparing job applications. He will find out if he gets a job offer from Samsung Card later this fall, but in the meantime, he is also applying to similar companies. Over the years, Jindong has given KKOOM great advice about how to help others like him, and he hopes that KKOOM can continue to help inspire and support the dreams of other kids who grow up in Korean orphanages. Finally, Jindong says, “KKOOM has been a great help to my college experience, and I am truly grateful for all of the support!

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Update on KKOOM College Students

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Jun 152016

Since 2011, KKOOM has been helping young adults who grew up in Korean orphanages go to college by providing scholarships and mentoring support. This spring, we provided support for four young adults, whom we’ll introduce below. The students receive approximately $500 USD per semester to help offset their living expenses and buy textbooks, provided that they are making adequate progress toward their degrees.

KKOOM Korean orphanage college student

JD recently landed a position as a summer intern at Samsung Card in Seoul.

In addition to support from KKOOM, Korean orphans can receive college scholarships from a variety of Korean agencies, which is how a portion of tuition and living expenses are covered. Unfortunately, however, some of the scholarship applications require affidavits from legal parents regarding financial circumstances, making it almost impossible for kids who grew up in orphanages to obtain the scholarships since they often do not have contact with their legal parents. As KKOOM becomes more aware of these kinds of barriers to education, we work with the students and their orphanage caretakers to find other means of support, including increasing our scholarship amounts on a case-by-case basis.

For example, this semester, JD, a 4th year student at Pusan National University majoring in business administration, was very busy looking for a summer internship in his field, and he incurred significant expenses associated with traveling to interviews, getting business clothes and the like. KKOOM was happy to be able to provide him with an extra scholarship (approximately an additional $500) to help offset these expenses. We’re even more thrilled to share that JD landed a two-month paid internship position with Samsung Card in their Marketing Department at the company’s headquarters in downtown Seoul. About half of the interns will be offered full-time positions after graduation. JD says, “My goal is to enter the company after the internship, so I want to experience the company’s environment. Before getting a job, the internship can be a good chance for me to experience what the company is and how the people work.”

You may recall that JD studied at Boston University last summer with help from KKOOM [more]. After taking a year off from his studies to focus on improving his English, JD is on his way to graduating and obtaining his bachelor’s degree this year from Pusan National University.

KKOOM Korean orphanage college students

1st row: Mingyu, Eunbi; 2nd row: JD, Chambit

Here’s an update on our other KKOOM College Scholarship Recipients:

Eunbi, 2nd year at Gumi College, Major: Childcare. Last semester, Eunbi was appointed the student head of her major’s department, and through that opportunity, she gained a lot of new experiences, including helping put on a large exhibition at the college. At the same time, however, these duties put a lot of stress on her so she didn’t have much time for herself or for meeting up with friends. Over winter vacation, though, she was able to balance out her workload, and she also spent some time working as an assistant teacher at the college’s affiliated preschool. In five years, she hopes to be happily married and enjoying her career as a preschool teacher.

Mingyu, 1st year at Gumi College, Major: Hospitality and Cooking. Mingyu hopes to become a hotel chef, so he decided to go to college to improve his chances of landing his ideal job. In his free time, he likes to exercise, and he hopes to travel more in the future. Mingyu has always enjoyed cooking so he is looking forward to doing more of that in college, and he’s also looking forward to meeting new friends.

Chambit, 1st year at Gumi Polytechnic College, Major: Applied Computing. Chambit likes computer games, soccer, working out and listening to music. He is a rather quiet and reserved young man, but kind to all who get to know him. In his first year in college, he hopes to learn more about the various careers available to him based on his chosen major and better develop his future plans. He plans to study hard to get good grades.

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12 Days of KKOOM – Day 12 – That’s a Wrap!

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Dec 262016
The kids at Samsungwon Orphanage in Gumi had a great time at the 2016 KKOOM Christmas Party

The kids at Samsungwon Orphanage in Gumi had a great time at the 2016 KKOOM Christmas Party

Well, it’s already Day 12 of our 12 Days of KKOOM blog series. We hope you’ve enjoyed all of the posts. Whether you’ve been a KKOOM supporter for years or just stumbled across this page today, we hope you can get a sense of how regular people, like you, help make life better for Korean orphans in a variety of ways throughout the year. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our work and encourage you to consider making a year-end donation so we can continue the things we wrote about for the past 12 days in 2017.

Before you go, please check out a video compilation of photos from our 2016 KKOOM Christmas Party at Samsungwon in Gumi, South Korea.

In case you missed any of the previous posts, here are direct links to go back and check them out.

Day 1 – Holiday Giving Kick-off
Day 2 – Summer Fun
Day 3 – Lucky to Be Where You Want to Be for The Holidays!
Day 4 – Samsungwon Christmas Party
Day 5 – Welcome Boost Program
Day 6 – Arts and Crafts Camp
Day 7 – Preschool Program
Day 8 – College Scholarship Program
Day 9 – Children’s Day in Korea
Day 10 – A Special Day with Special Children
Day 11 – Christmas Celebration with Emmanuel Children’s Home

Thank you! May you have a fabulous year-end and an even better 2017! See you in the New Year!

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12 Days of KKOOM – Day 7 – Preschool Program

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Dec 202016

The 10 toddlers we’ve helped attend preschool as 2 and 3 year olds since 2011.

For the past 5 years, KKOOM has helped 2 and 3 year old toddlers at an orphanage in Korea go to preschool, a full two years earlier than they would otherwise be able to attend with the governmental support provided. To date, we have given 10 toddlers the opportunity to gain early access to preschool education, the oldest of which is now in 2nd grade.

Intuitively we know that kids who go to preschool do better in school and are more successful in life, and by sending these 10 children to preschool with KKOOM support, we’ve helped these orphan toddlers overcome an important hurdle to their educational success. We’re eager to see how life unfolds for all of them. We won’t be surprised if we one day have our first preschool-support-turned college scholarship recipient.

To find out more about our preschool program, check out our previous posts here. If you’d like to support this work and help more Korean toddler orphans go to preschool next year, please consider making a year-end donation. Thank you!

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12 Days of KKOOM: #2 Our Trip to America, part 2

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Dec 152015

This is the second of a two-part essay about three young adult Korean orphans’ travels in the U.S. This part is written by Jaeho and translated by Jin Dong. Jaeho is a KKOOM college scholarship recipient and is currently pursuing a career in ministry.

The next morning, we went to the bus terminal in Washington D.C. to go to New York. It was rainy at the moment to say goodbye to us.

It takes 4 hours from Washington D.C. to New York. I admire the bus driver that drove the bus without any break time. We can go anywhere from somewhere with 4 hours in Korea. America is really huge.

File_004We arrived New York where we’ve just seen only in movies. We unpacked our baggage at ‘Hi NY hostel’, and met Aimee and her friends. We had pork meat in Korea town. The problem is that it was really expensive. And we took a rest to have good tour in New York.

I had not expected to see a baseball game in America, even in Yankees Stadium!! After the game, we went to Hillsong Church. What I was impressed by is there were two lines of people there, one was a line of people waiting to get into a bar, and another was a row waiting for church worship. It was interesting scene I can’t find in Korea.

Led by Christine, one of Aimee’s friends, we had some pizza which was two times larger than my hand. It also tasted good. I felt everything is huge in America at that moment. And we visited ‘Strand Bookstore’, which was opened in 1927. I really regretted not to study English very hard at the moment, Because I couldn’t buy any books to read.

We walked again and again, stopped by Bryant park, New York city library and went to Times Square. It was really wonderful and beautiful. Even though it was night, I was impressed by many signs shinning. I’m not that good at taking a picture to take all of the beautiful scenes.
File_003 File_002
We walked again next day to see ‘statue of liberty’, the symbol of New York. (of course, we took subway, lol). Going to purchase the ticket to take the ship, a trickster tried to make us buy their fake tickets and we were about to get deceived, but fortunately, we didn’t. Getting close to statue of liberty was also great, and the skyline of Manhattan was very nice. I envied the natural beauty I can’t find in Korea.

We started to walk again, the next destination was the 9.11 Memorial. The area was still sorrowful and we couldn’t enjoy it. The atmosphere was quite solemn. I wish everywhere in the world be free from terror.

We just wandered without any destination. We walked so long time that I didn’t want to walk more. At the moment, two people appeared those who could encourage us, Christina and Christine, Aimee’s friends and friends of KKOOM. We walked again with two New Yorkers. I felt like we were also New Yorkers. Our goal was to eat many kinds of great food in New York. ‘Little Italy’ was held at that time. I forgot what I ate there, but they were good. The food we ate at China town were really nice; I can’t describe how great they are.
‘Grand central terminal’ was so beautiful not like other stations. I remember that it appeared on lots of movies. There were various stores and restaurants, but we just passed them. We stopped by Times Square again when we returned to the hostel. After looking around there several times, I thought it is just like advertisement exhibition.
Next morning, we visited ‘central park’, I borrowed a bicycle and rode it around there. It was really huge. I wished to eat ‘Samgyeopsal’ on the grass in the park. I wanted to look around the park slowly, but we had just little time to do that. I was satisfied in being there and said goodbye.

Christina recommended us to visit ‘Chelsea market’, and we went there. The atmosphere was kind of special. I felt a harmony of traditional market and modern market.

After that, We moved to Brooklyn bridge. The sunset and Manhattan next to the bridge were really nice and beautiful. I didn’t want to be interrupted by my camera, so I just saw the great view long time.

We recognized that there is a kitchen in the hostel the last afternoon we stayed there. We had ‘Shin Ramyeon’, and moved to Yankees stadium to see a soccer game of ‘New York City’. I was interested that we would see a few famous players such as Pirlo, Lampard and Villa. I was also curious of how the stadium can change to soccer stadium.

We went to bed early to take the airplane the next day. I hoped to be back New York, I was not sure I will be back someday.

I was accustomed to boarding an airplane even though I just have experienced it a few times. I didn’t feel joyful or interesting of getting an airplane anymore.

Our next city was Detroit, the ‘Motor city’. We visited Henry Ford museum with Aimee. We looked around Ford factory and Greenfield village. And we took ‘Model T’, which is almost 100 years old. I was surprised that the car worked well although it is too old. We also took a train with steam engine. I don’t know of Henry Ford well, but I could feel his passion at Greenfield village. After visiting there, we moved to Aimee’s parents’ house. It is a kind of typical American house I’ve seen in lots of movies.

Her parents served us very nice food and handmade beer, they were great!

We went to an outlet to buy some presents. Actually, I forgot the name of the outlet. It was really huge. The discount rate was also nice. After we bought some presents, we visited a casino. It was worth to experience, I lost 10 dollars, but I didn’t think it is waste. And we visited Aimee’s house and the law firm she works. In the evening, we watched a football game of West Michigan university. I knew a little bit about the rule of the game, so I could enjoy it. We spent the last night in America at a pub called “Bell’s”. We enjoyed various kinds of craft beer.

We returned to Korea by airplane from Chicago to Incheon. Two weeks went too fast. I was kind of sad and also happy to go back to Korea.

Someone said, ‘World is wide and there is a lot to do.’ That’s really true. We have a lot to do. And I hope to visit lots of places in the world. I feel like I can go anywhere I want to go if I just decide. But it is difficult to achieve my dream because life seems so busy now. And now, it’s been two months since I returned from America. I think, “Can I really do all of the things I want to do in this life?”

I appreciate God and all of the supporters who helped me to see and experience the wold. I believe the 2 weeks will be great seed in my life. I expect to have beautiful life. I believe God will lead my life and I will follow him.

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