Aug 132013
Charlene and Seongmin

Charlene and Seongmin. More pictures at the end of the post.

Charlene Araujo is an American English teacher living in Sungnam, South Korea. She graduated from Yale University with a degree in Judaic Studies.

Earlier this year, KKOOM awarded Charlene 500,000 KRW (approx. $450 USD) to carry out a project to give kids at Dream Up Orphanage in Suwon an opportunity to travel to Seoul and visit an art museum. This is her project report.

On May 4, 2013, I traveled with six students: Eun-kyoung, Suwon, Min-ji, Seongmin, Heejun, and Sucheol from Dream Up Orphanage from Suwon, Gyeonggido to Yeouido, Seoul to partake in a time capsule project sponsored by KKOOM.

The purpose of this project was to have students take pictures with disposable cameras as they had fun in Seoul and went to a museum together. The students and I then cut photos together, wrote about our experiences, and put it in a box so the students can have a physical memory of our time together.

In light of the obsession with technology and smartphone addiction prevalence among youth, I wanted the students to value quality time with each other and with me.  I picked up the students at 7:30 a.m. and we bought bread from Paris Baguette. We traveled by bus and the students slept and chatted most of the way. The trip took nearly two hours and we met another volunteer, Arti Kane (patent attorney in Seoul), when we arrived in Yeouido.

Kids and Volunteers from Dream Up Orphanage in Suwon visit Seoul

Kids and Volunteers from Dream Up Orphanage in Suwon visit Seoul

Upon arrival, the students wanted to ride bikes and play outside. We rented bikes, and the students took pictures and chased each other outside. I bought them refreshments and waited for them as they enjoyed their time. Once they became hungry, we went to the famous 63 Building (tallest building in Korea), and half of the students ate hamburgers and the other half ate pizza. While in the 63 Building, we went to the top deck and to the art gallery. The students were not allowed to take pictures of the art, and that was unfortunate for us since we wanted to take pictures and compare which pieces we liked the best. Continue reading »

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Jul 232013
Jessie McShane (right) with a child from GyeongAeWon Orphanage in Mokpo, South Korea

Jessie McShane with a child from GyeongAeWon Orphanage in Mokpo, South Korea

Jessie McShane is an American English teacher living in Mokpo, South Korea. She graduated from the University of Saint Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota with a double major in Political Science and Justice & Peace Studies.

Earlier this year, KKOOM awarded Jessie 500,000 KRW (approx. $450 USD) to carry out a project to help kids learn English at GyeongAeWon, an orphanage in Mokpo. This is the project report she recently submitted.

Background. Fall/winter of 2012 I spent a majority of my free time volunteering at the Gyeong Ae Won Orphanage as the English coordinator and fundraiser in Mokpo, South Korea. I invested my time teaching, recruiting English teachers, and initiating fund raising events. While teaching I realized that the English program at the orphanage was lacking on substantial learning materials and could really use some English workbooks, textbooks, games, and activities to challenge and help the children learn. In January 2013 I sought out to find an organization that would take interest in my endeavors to help fund English and music materials to the Gyeong Ae Won Orphanage. My goals and objectives were to get every child at the orphanage a workbook and textbook that the English volunteers could use to help teach the kids. Books benefit each classroom by giving the classes structure which in turn is beneficial for the kids in getting the most out of their English classes. I also wanted to provide the kids with some fun English board games for english activities and learning resources such as Korean-English dictionaries.

I did some research and was so enthused when I came across an amazing organization Continue reading »

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May 012011

If you currently volunteer at a Korean orphanage or group home, you may be eligible to apply to lead a KKOOM-sponsored, volunteer-led projects (VLP).

KKOOM is interested in supporting small-scale projects by providing seed funding ranging from $100 – $500. In the past, KKOOM has supported everything from English camps to field trips to the purchase of musical instruments.  We encourage volunteers to think of fun, creative projects that will improve and enrich the lives of the children at the orphanage. Note that KKOOM does not provide funding directly to orphanages or other Korean institutions; rather, the volunteer is wholly responsible for receiving the funds and personally using them for the KKOOM-approved purposes.


The application process is detailed here:  The direct link for the online application is here:  Please note that applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  KKOOM will notify successful applicants within two weeks of proposal submission.
If you have any questions concerning the VLP process, you email
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