Aug 012013
Clockwise from upper right: Gayong, Geunho, Jindong, Geunhye, and Hyunsu

2013 KKOOM College Scholarship Recipients
Clockwise from upper right: Gayong, Geunho, Jindong, Geunhye, and Hyunsu

In February this year, we were able to award 500,000 KRW (approx. $450 USD) scholarships to five Korean orphan college students. All of these young adults grew up at Samsungwon, the orphanage in Gumi, South Korea. Their majors range from applied electronics to applied music, nursing, and business management.

They’ve been able to use the scholarship money to offset their living costs and focus more of their time on studying. The typical college part-time job in Korea pays around $4.50 USD per hour, so the scholarship ends up saving the recipients about 100 hours of time they’d otherwise be working to pay for their monthly expenses, like cell phones, food, and transportation.

I recently received the email, below, from JinDong, one of our five college scholarship recipients. JinDong is a sophomore in business management at Pusan National University. A year ago, JinDong barely spoke English, so as you can see, he’s made a lot of progress.

Here at KKOOM, we’re extremely proud of all of our college scholarship recipients, and I’m happy to announce that we plan on supporting these five young adults with an additional 500,000 KRW (approx. $450 USD) each for the upcoming fall semester.


Editor’s Note: JinDong’s email is unedited, except for editorial remarks in brackets to aid with understanding.

Hello, How have you been?

I’m JinDong Kim.

I’m sorry to e-mail you so late.

Because My last email was sent one year ago.

This semester(2013-1) was not bad for me.

I participated international marketing strategy competition that was holded by Caffebene [a Korean company].

I devoted lots of time for it with my teammates, but we were eliminated in the competition.

However, I got some experiences from it.

I’m not satisfied of my grade of this semester.

I think I must try harder in next semester.

And I attend English academy(YBM) thesedays at no cost thanks to (I cannot translate this word to English). [a Korean organization that supports youth development]

I study TOEIC [a standardized test, like TOEFL] at there, but it isn’t easy.

Particularly, at listening part, pronunciations of England and Australia are so difficult. Because I am habituated to American pronunciation.

And I teach poor elementary school students in the capacity of mentor.

My university runs lots of mentoring program. (that is, university student teach poor elementary, middle or high school student, the mentoring program I take part in is one of these programs)

The reason that I take part in this program is that I received a lot of helps from various people including you. Likewise, I think I should oblige something to poor others.

Although I don’t give some money to others, I can help them as a teacher. I think That is a way to help them to achieve their goals. It is valuable.

Thanks to you, I am always able to study in university well.

I always thank you and Father God. It is natural I always thank my mother[JinDong refers to his house mother at Samsungwon as his real mother].

From now on, I will study and try more than before for my goal.

I attempted to write email in English. I think my English ability isn’t good, but I tried. When you read this email, You will be able to catch some or many error in grammar. But I wish that you will understand this email without difficulty.

I’ll email you next time, See you later.


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