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Fun in BostonJD is now about 4 weeks into his program at Boston University, and things still seem to be going pretty well in the classroom. This past Saturday, JD had the opportunity to meet up with KKOOM supporters, Tina and Mike Mohr from Hampton, Connecticut, who drove in to Boston for the day. Here’s a narrative from Tina:

We really enjoyed meeting JD this weekend. We met at the Barnes and Noble near BU and then walked up the commonwealth avenue mall, through the Boston Public Garden to Faneuil Hall for lunch. JD remarked that it was extremely crowded and busy, which it was! We talked about how there are similar markets in every city in South Korea but how enormous they are. He was happy to find some Udon noodle soup which was more familiar to him than some of the other foods available. I got Greek food and that was the first time he had heard of a Gyro and some of the other types of Greek food on display. I also tried to explain what “Chowda” was and why it spelled differently than it is actually spelt. We talked about a lot of things including our careers as well as JD’s career aspirations; safe places to walk around the city and many of the differences between Boston and South Korea.  After lunch we walked back on Boylston street and took a Duck Tour through the city. The tour was a lot of fun and were very surprised to sit next to another student from South Korea! The tour was fun and we didn’t get wet. After that we had dinner at a traditional Boston pub and watched the end of the Red Sox game. My husband Mike and I had a wonderful time. JD is a very responsible, polite, hardworking young man. He had very practical and realistic goals for the future and I was extremely impressed with his fluency in English. I am glad that we were able to meet with him and spend the day showing him around the city.  We actually had tickets to a Red Sox game for the next day that we were unable to use, so we gave them to JD. He did go with a few friends and had a nice night to see the game. Thank you for the opportunity to meet JD !

This week, we also caught up with JD for a couple more questions and answers.

Q:  Do you miss anything from home? 

A: I often miss Korean food such as 부대찌개, 된장찌개, 짬뽕 and others. So I sometimes go to Korean restaurant, but not often. Unfortunately, the foods in Korean restaurants are too expensive to me. But I go there when I can’t bear my appetite for Korean food anymore.

Q: What surprises you most about American culture or American people?

One of what I was surprised is, many people run without wearing any top. And there are many beggars than Korea. I can see them everyday. In Korea, I can’t see those kinds of scene.

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