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JD in SW Michigan at a raspberry farm

JinDong (“JD”) arrived in Chicago from Korea on Friday, June 29. (see previous post) He spent the weekend in SW Michigan hanging out with KKOOM President, Aimee Jachym, and flew to Boston the following Monday. KKOOM board member Bill Downey greeted JD at the airport in Boston and helped him get checked in to the dormitory at Boston University.

JD had an orientation session and English level test last week, and his intensive English classes at Boston University start today.

We had a short Q&A session with JD, and we hope you find his responses interesting.

Q) Besides improving your English, what are you hoping to learn or experience during your time in America?

A) I wanna meet lots of friends from around the world as well as studying English, there are many foreign students here in Boston. In [my English program], I think I can meet lots of people and know about many countries

JD and Bill on the Fourth of July

JD and Bill on the Fourth of July

Q) What was your first impression of America?

A) I felt American people have good manners and act kindly to other people. They always say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Excuse me’ even in very small situations. And whenever I ask someone about what I wanna know, They explain very kindly.

Q) When you were younger, did you ever dream about visiting America? Now that you are here, how does the reality compare to your dream?

A) When I was younger, I sometimes dreamed to visit America. It was one of my wishlist. And now It became reality. I have thought that America is amazing country and has lots of things to do. And I still have same thinking. America is beautiful and interesting. I always appreciate to KKOOM’s donors. Thank you.

We’ll continue to check in on JD throughout the summer, so we hope you’ll stay tuned.

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