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JD at the statute of John Harvard.

JD’s first week of classes at Boston University got off to a good start last Monday, and later in the week, he caught up with some KKOOM friends. On Thursday, he toured Harvard’s campus with KKOOM Board Member, Bill Downey, and former KKOOM volunteer, Ashlee Anton, and on Friday, JD met up with another past KKOOM, Tami Bolk, for Thai food.

We asked JD a few more questions about his experience so far, and here’s what he said.

1. Describe your typical day.

I usually wake up at 6:30 am. And I take a shower, have breakfast. After that, I have a class at 9 am. my class consists of speaking, writing, reading and listening (teacher’s speaking). the class ends at 12:50 pm. And I have lunch, take a break, and go to fitness center, (it’s very nice), and take a shower again, have dinner. in the evening, I always do my homework. (cause I get assignment everyday). I don’t go outside in the evening, cause I’ve heard that it’s more dangerous than Korea at night.

2. How does BU’s campus compare to your campus at home (Pusan National Univ.)?

It’s great. I can take subway in the campus. And I can use all facilities of the campus. and I’m also so happy that it is flatland. (the university where I study in Korea is very sloping) And I can see so many foreign students from all over the world. Also, there’s a great river named Charles River behind the campus (I always watch the river in my room, it’s very close)

3. What is one new thing you’ve learned in past week?

The one new thing I’ve learned is the attitude I should have in class. That is, when the teacher describe or tell something, other students usually cut in on what the teacher says. I was so suprised at it. In Korea, when a professor say something, students don’t speak anything. through that, I experienced cultural difference. and I thought that I should try to do it. But it’s still not easy.

Tami and JD enjoy Thai food.

Tami and JD enjoy Thai food.


Ashlee, JD and Bill check out Harvard’s campus

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