Jul 082013

KKOOM is pleased to announce that we will be supporting a soccer camp in Seoul for Korean orphans this summer, from July 22-24. The camp is put on by Jerusalem Ministry, a Korean nonprofit organization based in Seoul.

Here’s a video from last year’s soccer camp. [more after the video]

Here’s an edited excerpt from Jerusalem Ministry about this year’s camp.

For the past five years, we have hosted a soccer camp for elementary school boys from different orphanages in Seoul. We will be having our 6th annual soccer camp on July 22nd through  the 24th at Yongsan U. S. Army Base. Currently we have invited nine different homes [orphanages], and we have heard back from seven. We are guaranteed 63 boys already, the most ever!

KKOOM’s support of approx. $450 USD will help cover the children’s transportation fee, travel insurance, and cost of supplies, including sunblock, first aid kids, participant’s water bottles, and coaches’ whistles.

We also get many volunteers for the camp. More than focusing on teaching the boys soccer skills, we have the volunteers focus on the boys themselves. Children from orphanages normally have very low self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore, we encouraged volunteers to praise the boys, and through this we have seen the boys’ confidence go up. Also, since we have a lot of volunteers, the volunteers have been able to give them individual attention that these boys have been lacking . By receiving a lot of attention and love throughout the camp, we were able to see these boys blossom through their laughter and smiles. As we have seen in the past camps, we believe that these boys will develop self-confidence which will last for a life-time.

KKOOM’s support is made possible by funding through our volunteer-led project program, which helps volunteers have an impact on the orphanages in which they volunteer. More information about the VLP program is available here. Information about Jerusalem Ministry and details about volunteer opportunities at the soccer camp are available at www.jerusalemministry.org.

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