Aug 012015

Help us defeat the stigma of riding in “the orphanage car”.

Consider chipping in today! The van, shown below, has a surface area of about 333 square feet that need to be repainted, and the total cost is about $1,500. That means for $45, you can help repaint 10 square feet of the van. Please consider getting out your virtual spray can (credit card) and chip in today! Any amount, big or small, will be greatly appreciated!

#FF0000 Raised 1,640 $ towards the 1,500 $ target.

Check out these videos to learn more.

van  From Samsungwon’s President: The van donated to us by Community Chest Of Korea (a/k/a 사랑의 열매 or “Love’s Fruit”), a well-known Korean nonprofit organization, officially became ours this month (August 2015). However, our children really dislike riding in it because when they’re seen in public, everyone can easily see that they live in an orphanage. You see, the van is painted with the distinctive colors of Love’s Fruit, red, green and white, which are easily recognizable to Koreans.

During the time Love’s Fruit owned the van, we couldn’t repaint it, but since it is now ours, we can get rid of the Love’s Fruit logo and other distinctive markings. We have already tried to remove the logo, but you can still see the outline… And the colors make it still very obviously “the orphanage car.”

We would like to repaint the van, but we cannot use our regular funds from the Korean government or local supporters due to stringent rules. So we were wondering if KKOOM might be able to help us raise money to repaint the van. 

Samsungwon is the orphanage in Gumi, South Korea, where KKOOM and KKOOM’s founders have been volunteering since 2004.

Make a contribution now to help us repaint the van!


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