Jun 162015
Jindong "JD" Kim  will be in Boston this summer

Jindong “JD” Kim will be in Boston this summer

We’re excited to announce that JinDong (“JD”) will be coming to the US at the end of the month. JD has been a KKOOM scholarship recipient since he started college at Pusan National University in 2012. JD is now a junior majoring in business management, and thanks to your help, he will be coming to Boston to study intensive English at Boston University for six weeks.

Most Korean males have to serve in the military for two years, but JD, like others who grew up in orphanages, is exempt from this requirement. This has given JD some extra time for his studies in comparison to most of his male friends who are currently on university leave in order school to serve in the military.

Thanks to financial support from KKOOM, JD was able to use this extra time by taking a leave of absence from school this year (beginning in March) in order to focus on improving his English skills. The job market will be extremely competitive for JD when he graduates from college (expected Feb. 2017), so this year off will give him an opportunity to build his resume by acquiring skills and experiences that will set him apart from his peers.

Coming to America will give JD the chance to use and improve his English skils in an immersion setting, which he is both excited and nervous about. During his time here, he will also get to visit a few American companies and see what the business world is really like. We’re still lining up his schedule for mid-to-late August, but if you happen to be in the Boston area and would be interested in hosting JD at work for a day – or know someone who might – please send me an email.

When asked what he’s most looking forward to, JD said “getting to travel and going to New York!” We believe it will be an unforgettable summer for JD, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your support! We plan that our next update in a few months will be written by JD himself, so stay tuned!

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