Nov 022015
Here's what the van used to look like. The kids hated riding in this car.

Here’s what the van used to look like. The kids hated riding in this car.

Just like our cars don’t have our home addresses tattooed on the sides of them, neither should an orphanage family’s car. Back in August, we wrote about the “orphan car” and the awful stigma that the Christmas-colored van had for the children at Samsungwon Orphanage who had to ride in it everyday. The car was painted in the colors of Love’s Fruit, a well-known Korean charity, and it had “Samsungwon”, the name of the home, emblazoned on the side. Every time the children had to ride in the car, they were embarrassed, because everyone could see that they lived in an orphanage.

Thanks to the generosity of several donors, however, we were able to raise the funds necessary to repaint the car a neutral, normal white.

We repainted the van white. It looks simple and clean, and importantly inconspicuously normal.

This fall, we repainted the “orphanage van” white. Now it looks simple and clean and importantly, inconspicuously normal.

While some may call this color boring, this newly painted white van is just what the children were hoping for. In addition to being all-white, like a normal car, it doesn’t have any markings that label it as being associated with the orphanage. Now when the kids get in and out, onlookers have no idea that they are any different from anyone else.

Growing up as a kid is hard enough; growing up in an orphanage is even harder. Blending in at school can be tough, especially when other kids find out where you live or that your family situation is different.

KKOOM is proud to make life just a little easier. Now, at least, those rides to and from school and on other trips around town don’t have to be so difficult.

Thanks to all who generously supported this campaign to repaint the van. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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