Apr 082013
Michael Baldwin

Michael Baldwin, formerly an executive at Gymboree, joins the KKOOM Board and the on-the-ground team in Korea

KKOOM is pleased to announce that Michael Baldwin has recently joined the Board of Directors as a member-at-large and has joined our on-the-ground team in Korea to volunteer in the orphanages and children’s homes where we work. He brings with him a wealth of business experience and a strong passion for Korea’s less fortunate children.

Michael was born in South Korea and adopted by an American family at the age of 2. He was re-united with his Korean family in December of 2000. Michael discovered KKOOM by searching the internet for a non-profit working with Korean orphanages in 2009, and he has been an active supporter since then. Currently, he is in Daegu, South Korea volunteering and actively participating with KKOOM. Prior to joining the KKOOM Board, he was an executive officer (Vice President of Strategic and Merchandise Planning) at Gymboree, a children’s apparel company.

Michael is eager to get started on his work with the kids, and to that end, he has been studying the Korean language for several hours a day to get ready. However, I’m not sure that anything can truly prepare him (or any of our volunteers) for all of the smiles and hugs he’s going to get once he dives in.

It’s an honor to have Michael on our team, and you can expect to hear from him from time to time on this blog as well.

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