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12 Days of KKOOM – [#6] College Scholarships

Since 2007, KKOOM has supported 15 college students to pursue their dreams with a higher education degree. This year, KKOOM increased the semester scholarship from 500,000 KRW to 700,000 KRW. KKOOM provided scholarships to three young adults in 2018, including a first year college student. The funds help pay for different costs such as books, living expenses, school supplies, and more.

Minyeal at Samsungwon’s 2018 Camping Trip

Minyeal graduated over the summer with a degree in Pastoral Studies from World Cyber University. One of his most rewarding experiences was a 3 week field work practicum serving at Aemangwon Orphanage in Daegu that accommodates children with special needs. He’s on his way of achieving his dream to become a global praise minister as he leads worship at Somang Church. While praising God, He’s hopeful to go abroad for short-term mission work.

YongHoon with children from Samsungwon Orphanage

YongHoon just finished his last semester studying social welfare from World Cyber University. Five years from now, he wants to complete his social worker certificate to continue giving back to the community. In the meantime, he is working at a local restaurant in Gumi.

KKOOM’s Chief Administrator with Se-Hee during the 2018 Dream Camp in Seoul

Se-Hee already has international experience majoring in hotel tourism. She’s traveled to Sweden, Finland, and Vietnam. Throughout her first year at Gumi University, she has used a lot of her spare time taking additional English courses or participating in local festivals such as barista competitions. She desires to work abroad and we have no doubt she’ll be able to achieve her dream.

Thank you for believing in our young adults to do their very best in school or in the real world working full-time. Your giving boosts their confidence to fulfill their goals. In December, all new recurring donations will be 100% matched. To start giving to make a positive difference in the lives of these young adults, you can do so here.

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