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A Fresh Start – College Summer 2021 Update

Jaehyuck is KKOOM’s new college scholar!

While we welcome a new season of summer beginning this week, we are also excited to have a new college scholar for KKOOM! His name is Jaehyuck and he grew up at a children’s home we support. Within two weeks of graduating from high school, he was asked to move out of the children’s home at 18-years-old, the stage of life when a child ages out of Korea’s social welfare system. The Korean government provides approximately $4,000 for young adults to transition into adulthood, a one-time subsidy to independently live on their own. 

When Jaehyuck heard he received the KKOOM college scholarship, he said, “After leaving the children’s home, there are a lot of difficulties and a lot of things to know. Thank you for helping me like this! Thank you!” He started his collegiate studies in spring 2021 and plans on graduating with a two-year degree from a university in the Gyeongsangbuk-do region. We asked him a few questions as he was wrapping up his first semester in college and we translated those answers into English.

  1. Write your self-introduction.
    • My name is Jaehyuck. I like to exercise and I am very interested in singing and acting, and I would like to try it if given the opportunity. But I want to study hard and get a job as a great bodyguard. 
  2. What is the expected graduation year and month? 
    • January 2023
  3. Why did you choose your major? 
    • Since I am interested in martial arts and in secret services, I chose to study Security Management. 
  4. What are you looking forward to the most this semester?
    • I am looking forward to studying-security related topics, and I am also looking forward to meeting new friends and studying. 
  5. What are your goals for this semester?
    • My goal is to get good grades through hard work, receive a national scholarship, and continue attending college. 
  6. How do you plan to use the scholarship (700,000 won or $615) provided by KKOOM this semester?
    • I want to use it for transportation, textbooks, and to cover some of my lunch expenses.  
  7. What is your dream and how will college help you achieve it? (The dream here does not necessarily have to be related to your studies or work).
    • My dream is to become an actor. 

Jaehyuck wants to become a secret service bodyguard in the future, while also pursuing his dreams of acting and singing.

Supporting Jaehyuck’s future dreams by funding his educational studies gives him a fresh start, a new beginning in life. You give him the confidence to embrace the unknowns and challenges ahead. We are grateful you are a part of his journey as he pursues his passions to serve his country through the secret service. Thank you for breathing life into him, validating his dreams, and giving him hope for the future. 

With gratitude,

-Grace Lee, Executive Director

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