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Improving the Lives of Korean Orphans Through Outreach and Education

Flourishing Education: Spring 2021 Update

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Every day has a new beginning, a new blessing, and a new hope. In March 2021, a 22-month-old toddler arrived at a children’s home we support. Giving the […]

Celebrate Joy – Children’s Day Fundraiser

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For the first time, KKOOM is hosting a fundraiser in honor of Children’s Day! This national holiday on May 5th highlights the dignity of children and how they […]

A Time to Celebrate!

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In our last blog update about our college scholars, we shared how Minyeol was not giving up on his dreams. Despite a pandemic delaying the start of the […]

Creating a Better Future – Fall 2020 Update

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Gabby is turning four-years-old in March and Hank is 28-months-old. Your support has allowed us to fund their preschool education for the past three to four semesters. We […]