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[Day #12] The Year of Little Miracles

As we end 2021, we look back at the blessings you provided to the Korean children we serve. 

The year started off in January with a special request to fund a month’s rent and electricity bill for Sonny. Sonny aged out of the social welfare system in December 2020 and was asked to leave the premises within two weeks of his high school graduation. Before his college semester started in March 2021, we funded his rent and electricity bill for one month, along with purchasing a new laptop for Sonny. 

We ended the year in December asking our community of friends and supporters to provide Christmas gifts and meals for three children’s homes, a total of 175 gifts and a meal for all of the children we serve and the staff at each home. You went above and beyond, and made big miracles happen through our #LittleMiracles Holiday Campaign. On the first official day of our month-long fundraiser, we raised $19,000 together. 

Over 700 donors gave in 2021 to fund these activities….

  • Children’s Day meal for 210 children.
  • Helping the boys at Samsungwon keep their clothes organized with 24 new wardrobe closets. 
  • Twelve corporate donations from companies including Nike, Estée Lauder, Morgan Stanley, and a $15K grant from Airbnb. 
  • Providing new clothes and basic necessities to 4 newly arrived children. 
  • Three Christmas parties. 
  • Funding a year’s worth of preschool tuition for Harmony. 
  • Providing a scholarship so Jaehyuck could start college and Minyeol could start his graduate studies. 
  • One month rent and electricity bill covered for Sonny. 

When the children or young adults did not know how to get through the hard days, you stepped in and gave them memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. Better is coming for the children we serve, thanks to your unwavering love and support. 

Thank you for making 2021 a memorable year with your radical generosity. You gave Korean children lasting hope and helped them count their little blessings which became a million little miracles the past 365 days. 

There is still a lot of uncertainty we are facing as a nation and that we are facing with the future of KKOOM’s in-person programs. No matter the outcome, we are confident that through the unexpected, love will still surround Korean children, thanks to you. Cheers to 2022 and a brighter future for the children we serve! 

Happy New Year!

-Grace Lee, Executive Director 


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