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Improving the Lives of Korean Youth Through Outreach and Education

[Day #6] Equity for Korean Youth

The holiday season…a time full of imagery that evokes emotion and stands the test of time. Perhaps it’s a Christmas tree, a menorah, zawadi— or something else entirely.

This year KKOOM’s campaign is about the imagery of a star. Stars are beautiful, numerous— and no two stars are the same. The children that KKOOM supports are the true stars of the holiday season. They too, are beautiful in their unique ways.

As a board member, I know KKOOM’s dedication to Korean youth has never wavered. Yet, KKOOM itself continues to evolve and consider how to give in ways that are equitable for all the children it serves. This past spring we partnered with Aemangwon to deliver a need unique for the youth at the home: A wheelchair made for children with cerebral palsy. A different kind of need, unique to the children, but just as important.

As 2023 comes, I look forward to continuing this journey of growth and evolution. Together we can change for the better and do things that are more equitable for the Korean youth we serve.

Happy Holidays!


A Korean-American adoptee, Laura is a Board member for KKOOM and volunteered at Samsungwon Children’s Home during her Fulbright year. It is because of her work with the children at Samsungwon that Laura returned to the States to pursue a M.Ed. in Reading Education from Peabody College, Vanderbilt University and became a Reading Education teacher. Now, Laura has transitioned out of the classroom to become a skilled instructional designer who focuses on inclusive, human-centered learning design practices to create in-person, virtual, video, web-based training content. You can read more about Laura here.

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