Korean Flag

Improving the Lives of Korean Orphans Through Outreach and Education

History of KKOOM

KKOOM was founded in September 2007 as an extension of an ongoing Fulbright English Teaching Assistant volunteer project at Samsungwon, an orphanage in Gumi, South Korea, which began in the fall of 2004. Thanks to increased interest and sustained support, the original American volunteers at Samsungwon decided to launch a new nonprofit organization to grow their efforts at Samsungwon and reach out to other orphans and orphanages throughout South Korea.

Currently, KKOOM is celebrating 12 years of being a sustainable non-profit organization that impacts the lives of approximately 130 children at Samsungwon Orphanage and Emmanuel Children’s Home. We thank our donors, supporters, and friends for helping us invest in these children in South Korea to help improve their lives.

ABOUT OUR LOGO : The silver symbol in the center is a Korean character, which is pronounced kkoom. Kkoom means dream in Korean. Korea is a very beautiful and mountainous country, and we hope that the lives of the children in Korean orphanages we serve will be brightened by the work we are doing to help bring their dreams to pass.