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I Believe In You – Children’s Day 2019

Children’s Day Luncheon at Aemangwon

Children’s Day, held every year in May, is a festive holiday in South Korea celebrating the dignity of children and how they need respect, love, and care. It’s a day that also honors the adults who help improve a child’s life. The significance of this day is the reason KKOOM supports children’s homes in South Korea, to brighten the life of each child we serve. While Children’s Day took place on May 5th, KKOOM had a special opportunity this month to provide gifts to all children at Samsungwon, Emmanuel and Aemangwon Children’s Homes.

Through the generosity of donors, we purchased a gift equivalent to 20,000 won (about $16) for each child. Children typically receive gifts from their parents on this holiday, so it was extra special to provide gifts for 217 Korean children. KKOOM also sponsored a luncheon at Aemangwon through your support.

The children at Samsungwon and Emmanuel waited in anticipation to receive the gift they requested through their wish list. To help celebrate the holiday, both children’s homes went to E-World Amusement Park on separate occasions to enjoy rides, food, and good company together.

Aemangwon staff grilling Korean BBQ meat for the Children’s Day Luncheon.
Somang Church Volunteers drove 1.5 hours to assist with the Children’s Day Luncheon at Aemangwon and deliver 88 gifts.

Aemangwon has children with physical and cognitive challenges. Due to having some children with limited mobility access, it is more difficult to take 80+ children to an amusement park. KKOOM sponsored a luncheon at the children’s home, along with giving each child a gift to show them how truly special they are. Fifteen volunteers from Somang Church, including our KKOOM college scholars, drove 1.5 hours to assist house mothers pass out gifts and help feed the children since many of them need one-to-one interactions. The children ate inside their cafeteria and outside as staff grilled Korean BBQ meat.

Some of the gifts for Aemangwon Children’s Home.

As gifts were passed out in each room, excitement filled the atmosphere with house mothers and volunteers taking photos, while the children smiled with joy. Here’s a short video of a young girl saying “Thank You” in Korean for her gift. Even with a toothless smile, she proudly shows off her toys so she can play doctor with her stethoscope and medical thermometer. We are unsure what the future holds for her, but we hope she grows up knowing she can achieve anything to accomplish her dreams.

KKOOM providing 88 gifts at Aemangwon thanks to the support from two donors

All children need someone to believe in them. Through your giving, you tell them “You Matter. I believe in you.” Thank you for being that person who invests and makes a difference in their lives.

With gratitude,

Grace Lee, Chief Administrator

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