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Jaehyuck Moves to Seoul – Spring 2023 Update

KKOOM’s College Scholar, Jaehyuck, just completed his Associate’s Degree in Security Management. We have previously shared in our blog posts that his dream is to become an actor. He is making those dreams a reality by moving to Seoul to pursue his acting career full-time. Jaehyuck asked KKOOM in February if we could cover his moving costs to relocate. He specifically asked for approximately $300 to help fund a moving company to take care of his relocation. 

We reached out to the KKOOM community via social media and through our newsletter to support this immediate need for Jaehyuck. We were completely blown away by the outpouring of love for him. Twenty-two people from four different countries donated $1,826 for this specific request. Due to the overwhelming response, we asked Jaehyuck to use half of the funds towards his acting career. We sent approximately $740 to Jaehyuck in late February and will send the remaining $1,086 in May for accountability as he pursues acting full-time. KKOOM is disbursing the funds to Jaehyuck at two different times so he can be fiscally responsible with it. 

Jaehyuck sent a thank you video to the donors who helped him with this need. You could tell he was holding back tears as he said, “Thank you for supporting me as an actor. I will do my very best!” Here is a YouTube video of Jaehyuck being featured in a commercial for the Busan Air Cruise. 

Before Jaehyuck needed help with his move to Seoul, the generosity from our recurring donors is one of the reasons Jaehyuck completed his Associate’s degree. Your generosity allowed him to afford school and to audition for different acting gigs, such as a web K-drama series and small casting opportunities as an extra in a music video. Thank you for believing in Jaehyuck to pursue his dreams. We appreciate your support uplifting young adults who grew up in Korea’s social welfare system. 

With gratitude,

Grace Lee, Executive Director

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