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KKOOM Launches “Christmas in July” Campaign

Christmas. What words immediately come to your mind? Santa. Gifts. Rudolph. Family. Christmas tree. As children, we may have grown up highly anticipating the day of Christmas, putting out the milk and cookies for Santa, while hoping we stayed on his “good” list and not his “naughty” one.

Each day is a gift – that is why we call it the present. We can open gifts. Celebrate. Enjoy it.

Thanks to the generous support of donors every Christmas season, KKOOM gifts a season of celebration to orphans in Gumi and Gimcheon, South Korea. In the past we’ve provided gifts to 150 children, from toddlers to college-aged young adults. It costs approximately $35 per child or $5,600 to provide gifts to all 150 orphans we directly support.  This July, we are asking our KKOOM friends and supporters to help us raise $3,500 to provide gifts to 100 orphans for our Christmas party in December 2017.

To donate and to learn more, please go to https://kkoom.org/christmas-in-july/.


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