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12 Days of KKOOM – [#5] New Beginnings for Six Children

Photo of Gabby after arriving on May 30th. You helped provide Welcome Boost Fund of approximately $125 for Gabby!

Gabby is now thriving at school, just 7 months after arriving at Emmanuel Children’s Home














2019 marked a new season of hope for six children who arrived at Samsungwon and Emmanuel Children’s Home. Since April 2016, KKOOM has clothed and bought basic necessities for 22 newly arrived children. Most of the children arrive with just the clothes on their backs. That is when KKOOM steps in to provide approximately $125 as a Welcome Boost Fund so the child can better acclimate to the new environment they are living in. 

Four of the children we supported with Welcome Boost Funds arrived on the same day on May 30th at two different children’s home. Of these four children, two of them have become our new preschool scholars in 2019 – Minnie and Gabby. To read more about our preschool scholars and the things they enjoy doing at school, we invite you to read this blog post here.

When Minnie arrived at 19 months old, she was not speaking so she was considered a “late talker,” who had limited spoken vocabulary. Now, you can hear her down the hallway or in the cafeteria of Samsungwon saying “What’s that?” and laughing with joy being around her older siblings who take care of her well. 

Gabby also was behind in her social development not opening up to others. She would not allow people to hold her when she first arrived. Your generosity has helped fund Gabby to go to preschool, which has improved her social skills greatly. She is now considered the leader in her class. 

A very young baby arrived to the children’s home when she was 100 days old in March 2019 and suffered from a traumatic brain injury. She is doing well and continues to grow every day. A new girl arrived at Emmanuel Children’s Home just two weeks before Christmas. KKOOM has provided a Welcome Boost Fund to her house mother and is looking forward to sharing photos of her new clothes and basic necessities on our social media in the upcoming days. 

Thank you for helping to create new starts for these young toddlers. Thanks to your support, they begin a new journey feeling empowered and confident in their own skin. Your generosity makes a big difference. We appreciate each of our friends and supporters for always giving love and joy to every child supported by KKOOM.

One of the toddlers who benefited from the Welcome Boost Fund in 2019. She is proudly wearing a t-shirt designed by one of our supporters, Ana Quan, who is a fashion designer.

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