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The Season of Waiting – Fall 2022 Update

Clothing purchased for a newly arrived child (10-months-old)

We have all reached a season of waiting. Waiting to hear from that dream job. Waiting to have our own family. Waiting for our dreams and desires to come to fruition. During these seasons, it is difficult at times to see the hope at the end of the tunnel.

We are currently embracing the waiting season as we hope to fund tuition for KKOOM’s next preschool scholar. Earlier this year, we funded the necessary funds for Harmony to attend preschool. Now, she is receiving government funding to attend preschool because she is four-years-old.

In September, an eight-month-old baby arrived at a KKOOM-supported children’s home. The house mother said the baby needed new clothing and new toys. KKOOM provided a Welcome Boost Fund, approximately $150, to purchase the necessary supplies so the newly arrived child could have a fresh start.

Thanks to the generosity of the KKOOM community, the Welcome Boosts are always funded immediately when we share the need on social media. While the toddler is too young to attend school, we asked the children’s home when the baby girl will start preschool. She will start next fall in 2023.

The toddler is now ten-months-old and is the youngest child at the children’s home. During the holiday season, we will be sponsoring a gift of 50,000 won or approximately $40 so the precious baby can enjoy her very first Christmas.

In the seasons of waiting, it is a time to keep hope alive and to prepare when the harvest will come. Your one-time donation or monthly giving helps us be prepared for the unexpected. It helps us provide emergency funds so the children’s home staff can buy basic supplies for a newly arrived child. It helps boost a child’s future to achieve success by funding an education that they would not have otherwise.

We never know the exact needs or asks that will come from the children’s home. What we do know is this – we can always count on providing a preschool scholarship for any toddler who arrives at a KKOOM-supported children’s home, thanks to your unwavering love and support.

With gratitude,

– Grace Lee, Executive Director

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