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12 Days of KKOOM – [#10] Funding Special Projects

No matter the need, you gave generously in 2019 to provide enriching experiences and household items. This year brought new opportunities to fund small and big moments of joy for the children, from having the boys race along the Han River in Seoul during the soccer camp, to showing them love with the new bike rack installation. See what special projects you helped fund below!

Before photo of the bikes at Samsungwon Children’s Home

New bike rack funded with your generosity!

The new bike rack helps keep the bikes last longer and more organized.

Thank you Mr. Borden for your kind donation! “In memory of Kathy Liu”


In late November, KKOOM received a special request from Samsungwon’s President to fund a bike rack for the children. To our surprise, Samsungwon has never had the proper equipment to store the bikes. One of our donors heard about the need and within one week helped fund it, costing approximately $2,500. Thank you Mr. John Borden for investing in the lives of the children we support at Samsungwon! 

Before (left) and after (right) photos of the new washing machines funded in June 2019

The boys heading back home after the soccer camp


From June to July, KKOOM launched our “Make A Difference” summer fundraisers to raise money to buy new washing machines and to take seven boys to Seoul for the first time to attend Jerusalem Ministry’s Annual Soccer Camp. 

You helped keep the children clean and feel confident in their physical and personal well-being by providing two new washing machines (~$1,319). In forty hours, your support funded our soccer camp 100 percent! Raising over $3,000 allowed the elementary school boys to create lifelong memories while exploring Korea’s capital for the first time. To read about the boy’s experiences, we invite you to read the blog post here

The girls enjoying the views at Namsan Tower during the Arts and Crafts Camp


KKOOM tried something new to fund specific experiences during the Arts and Crafts Camp held in January. We asked donors to help support different activities, such as round-trip cable car tickets to Namsan Tower or funding a Korean BBQ dinner for the elementary girls, house mothers, and chaperones. 

As we head into a new decade and new year, KKOOM is excited to continue funding new possibilities for the children to dream bigger and feel loved through your support. We have some special projects in January 2020 and we are asking for your help to fund them. The children are very excited for the activities and we look forward to sharing more about them soon! Thank you for your generosity – it truly brightens the lives of Korean children on a daily basis. 

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