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Improving the Lives of Korean Orphans Through Outreach and Education

Holidays, Camps & Activities

Just how we look forward to certain holidays and special celebrations in our own lives, the children look forward to special programs hosted by KKOOM, whether they are a camping trip, arts/crafts camp, or a holiday party. Every year, we host two Christmas parties for approximately 130 children at Samsungwon Orphanage and Emmanuel Children’s Home.

September 1st, 2021

A Summer Full of Memories

In August, we were ready to fund a dinner for all of the children at Samsungwon so they could dine out at a restaurant in small groups of […]

May 2nd, 2021

Celebrate Joy – Children’s Day Fundraiser

For the first time, KKOOM is hosting a fundraiser in honor of Children’s Day! This national holiday on May 5th highlights the dignity of children and how they […]

December 26th, 2020

12 Days of KKOOM – [#12] A Year to Remember

While 2020 will go down as the year of a new normal during a global pandemic, we will remember 2020 as the year of giving, above and beyond. […]

December 25th, 2020

12 Days of KKOOM – [#11] The Magic of the Holidays

For the past 16 years, KKOOM’s Christmas parties have spread joy, love, and laughter throughout the halls of KKOOM-supported children’s homes. Although stringent government COVID-regulations prevent KKOOM Board […]

December 24th, 2020

12 Days of Christmas – [#10] The Power of an Education

Gabby, Hank, and Jay. ByungKyung and Minyeal.  With your help, three preschool scholars began their educational journey in 2020. With your generosity, two college scholars will graduate from […]