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Improving the Lives of Korean Youth Through Outreach and Education

12 Days of KKOOM – [#12] Final Reflections from KKOOM’s Chief Administrator

Over the past eleven days, you’ve read stories, highlights, and positive ways you’re making a difference to Korean children by supporting Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission. 2018 marked a year of providing new experiences for middle / high school students to explore Seoul through Dream Camp and creating more positive memories for toddlers with their first preschool playroom at Samsungwon Orphanage. You helped us celebrate our 10th year anniversary with your generosity. KKOOM and I so grateful for your confidence in our work.

KKOOM’s Chief Administrator with children at Samsungwon’s Christmas Dinner

As you’re celebrating the holiday season with friends and family, I wanted to share some reflections of what I’ve learned in the past two weeks being in South Korea and staying at Samsungwon Orphanage. The greatest gift you can give to others is your presence. It’s been a joy having breakfast with the children at 7:00am. My heart melted everytime little Jin Hyuk said in Korean “Teacher, I wanted to see you,” in the morning when I had just seen him the day beforehand. Your presence is important and what you do every day is a gift to be shared with others. When I told a friend about KKOOM’s Christmas parties, he said “You are so good with children and young adults.” There are passions you have that light you up. Thank you for sharing your passion with KKOOM to improve the lives of Korean children through your giving!

KKOOM’s Chief Administrator and Emmanuel Children’s Home’s President

It is better to give than to receive. I’ve been filled so much joy watching the children sing, play, and dance away worries with their Christmas performances, whether it was at the Christmas parties or at local church services. During Emmanuel’s Christmas Party, I sat next to the President of the children’s home while the children were performing. She looks at me and whispers in Korean “Thank you for giving me this gift of watching their performances this year.” With the President’s surgery a few months ago, her walking ability has been limited.

The Emmanuel children enjoying Korean BBQ after their Christmas party

Each of you that gives to KKOOM is a part of that blessing and gratitude expressed by all of the children and orphanage staff. Through your generosity, KKOOM and I hope you are blessed as you’ve been a blessing to the Korean children we serve. I am grateful you’ve made this Christmas season so joyful for Samsungwon Orphanage and Emmanuel Children’s Home.

Girls at Emmanuel Children’s Home taking photos with Santa

The children know there are KKOOM supporters, BTS fans, and people around the world who are cheering them on to live their best life. In 2018, You gave so much love to toddlers, children, and young adults through KKOOM. There is so much in store in 2019! KKOOM is excited to continue sharing how you impact children at Korean orphanages and children’s home. To help the children reach new heights in the upcoming year, it’s not too late to give as we finish 2018. You can be a positive influence by donating here. Let’s make 2019 the best year yet for Korean children!

Sending hugs from South Korea~

Grace Lee, Chief Administrator

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