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12 Days of KKOOM – [#4] Children’s Day

The children at a KKOOM-supported children’s home got a gift from their wish list for Children’s Day

*Children’s Day is a special day in Korea. On May 5th each year, parents take their children to a theme park or buy them a special present but let us not forget that not all children get to live with their biological parents though. 

My husband and I wanted those children to know that they are loved. I admit that this year was different than last as this year my husband thought he might lose his job. We prayed about if we should donate to Children’s Day as we had last year and we felt it was the right thing for it is better to give than to receive. 

The pictures of the children with their presents warmed our hearts and…my husband didn’t get laid off. Blessings all around! 

I love that they let the house mothers use the donated funds to buy and provide gifts since they fill the role of mother to many precious souls. KKOOM gave us the opportunity to help the children receive gifts and show them the love they deserve. 

-Anonymous Donor in Atlanta

*For Children’s Day in 2020, KKOOM was able to provide gifts to 57 children, each gift approximately about $20, thanks to the generosity of the anonymous donor.

Our former preschool scholar playing with his new gift from Children’s Day

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