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12 Days of KKOOM – [#4] Handmade gifts to support KKOOM’s children

Handmade scarves and hat project led by Fulbright Korea English Teacher Amanda Grant

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving a handmade, heartfelt gift. So when a Fulbright Teacher in Korea reached out to KKOOM in August to see if she could do a small knitting project to make scarves and hats, we thought it was a great idea! 

In total, Amanda Grant helped collect 69 items (41 scarves, 25 hats, and 3 small headbands) made with tender, loving care. With the help of Fulbright Korea teachers, host siblings, and Yonsei University exchange students, KKOOM was able to pass out these handmade gifts to the Samsungwon children on December 14th. With the extra items, we are excited to give them to the children at Aemangwon during their Christmas luncheon. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. The children at Samsungwon have proudly been wearing their handmade items since the Christmas party. 

We asked Amanda to share why she initiated this project. 


When I first began to learn how to knit, I wanted to constantly practice making new patterns and such, but I realized that I don’t need 10 scarves for myself. So, I had the idea of donating the pieces I made to a charity. Well, when that idea first occurred to me, it never actually ended up happening. However, when I was making a hat for a dear friend of mine recently, the idea came to me again. With Daiso selling knitting materials and being very affordable and accessible around the country, I thought this idea was plausible. I ran the idea with KKOOM, and once approved, I gathered ETAs and friends, and off we knitted!

About 11 English teachers and 8 Yonsei study abroad students contributed to this project. While host siblings weren’t able to complete one full scarf or hat, it helped them start a new hobby and bond with the foreign English teacher. 

For the children who are supported by KKOOM, I would like to say, “Don’t forget to love yourself! It is very important to love yourself! You are all very amazing children, and I am so delighted that I had the chance to meet some of you.”

Amanda knitted 15 scarves and hats on her own, while encouraging other Fulbright Teachers and Yonsei study abroad students to give back to at-risk youth at Korean children’s homes.

Amanda Grant is a Fulbright Korean English Teaching Assistant teaching at Jeju Jungang Girls’ High School. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in Asian Languages and Literature. Her minors are in Teaching English as a Second Language and Linguistics.

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