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12 Days of KKOOM – [#9] Growing Partnership with Aemangwon

KKOOM is grateful for support from donors to allow us to create a stronger partnership with Aemangwon Children’s Home which supports children with physical and cognitive challenges.

KKOOM works to meet the needs of children around South Korea. This includes providing educational access, gifts of clothing, household items, and other forms of tangible support to support Korean children’s homes. One of KKOOM’s most recent partnerships is with Aemangwon Children’s Home in Daegu, South Korea.

Aemangwon specifically serves children with physical and developmental disabilities and has approximately 85 children who live at the children’s home. Their ages range from three years old to twenty-eight years old. In light of the population Aemangwon serves, many of the children also present speech delays or impairments.   

The needs of the children at Aemangwon are unique. A large percent of the children require the assistance of a wheelchair in order to move around. Consequently, field trips outside of Aemangwon require significant planning and manpower to ensure the safety of the children. Currently, due to limited amount of staff, functioning equipment, and proper transportation, Aemangwon is only able to allow large-scale outings a few times a year. 

Photos from 2016 event at a restaurant and taking children to go shopping at a department store.

Many of the children are not able to eat out publicly at a restaurant so in 2016, KKOOM funded a buffet lunch and Christmas shopping time for six children. This allowed for the children to get a change of scenery and enjoy time socializing with volunteers outside of Aemangwon. Last year, we increased our outreach by providing a Christmas luncheon and gifts from a child’s wish list for 25 children. 

Your support allows us to continue the Christmas tradition at Aemangwon by hosting a Christmas luncheon on Saturday, December 28th. KKOOM will provide Korean BBQ and a gift worth approximately $35 per child. Some of their wish list items are an Avengers toy, croc shoes, new clothing and tennis shoes, or accessories for the girls. 

If you would like to help the children at Aemangwon, please consider donating to KKOOM today! Any size donation will help benefit the children as we try to fund the remaining six gifts left to sponsor and Christmas luncheon for fifty people. Thank you for supporting to KKOOM to serve all Korean children, no matter their needs.

~ Laura Wilczek, KKOOM Board Member

Photos from 2018 Christmas luncheon for 25 children where KKOOM provided gifts and a meal at a restaurant

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