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A Summer Full of Memories

Week full of activities funded by KKOOM donors

In August, we were ready to fund a dinner for all of the children at Samsungwon so they could dine out at a restaurant in small groups of four people (1 house mother + three children). This would have been the first time the children have visited a restaurant since February 2020. Due to Covid numbers rising in the region, plans were shifted and the dinners were canceled, so we improvised and re-allocated the funds.

Instead, the children enjoyed KKOOM’s WhiteWater Camp. It was filled with five days of swimming with an inflatable pool in their courtyard, five days of snacks provided by KKOOM, karaoke, daily movies on a big screen, and a lifetime of memories. This was our first time funding such an unique opportunity and an experience that the children will not forget. It cost KKOOM approximately $2,000 to fund this camp.

Matching t-shirts for 56 Samsungwon children

There have been so many fun experiences this summer for the Korean children we support! At Samsungwon, we provided t-shirts to 56 children for their annual camping trip which took place at the children’s home. KKOOM has been funding the matching t-shirts since summer 2018 and these shirts help unify the children to create a sense of belonging and community.

Lobster party for 79 children at Emmanuel Children’s Home

Additionally, we funded a lobster party for 79 children to enjoy at Emmanuel Children’s Home. It was rewarding to watch videos of the children saying “감사합니다” or “thank you.” We also loved seeing a high school student give a thumbs up expressing her excitement and gratitude because she tried lobster for the first time.

Thank you for your generosity – you helped make this a memorable summer!

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