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Improving the Lives of Korean Youth Through Outreach and Education

#HappinessBeginsWithChu Blink Eco Fundraiser

Hi blinks! The Blink Eco Project is proud to present our next monthly campaign, #HappinessBeginsWithChu in honor of Jisoo’s birthday this upcoming January!

KKOOM (꿈) or “Dream” is an organization that aims to provide access to education for Korean orphans, such as funding for preschool or college scholarships. They also host events throughout the year that allow the children to have fun and learn life skills as well as provide tangible items to meet their basic needs.

We are excited to be raising funds specifically for Gabby, pictured above, so she can pursue her own dreams. Your donations will help provide a preschool scholarship to Gabby who lives in a children’s home. We hope she can find her passions and live out her dream, just how Jisoo is with her singing career through BlackPink.

To donate, please click the link and below, and don’t forget to screenshot your donation along with a watermark of your Twitter handle or email! Please make sure the donation amount is visible, but please cross out any personal information. After that, kindly submit this form so we can keep track of every blink’s donation! If you have any questions, please contact us on Twitter at @BlinkEcoProject or through our email at blinkecoproject@gmail.com.

Let’s make a difference together as we celebrate Jisoo’s birthday!