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Improving the Lives of Korean Youth Through Outreach and Education

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Harmony turned 2-years-old over the summer

Seven months ago, Harmony arrived at a KKOOM-supported children’s home. Her expressions within two months brightened quickly. Now, Harmony is 27-months-old and has been flourishing in preschool since March 2021. We asked Harmony’s house mother to answer a few questions on her progress in school. 

  • What is Harmony’s personality like at school?
    • She is actively involved in all activities and has a bright and lively personality.
  • What is Harmony’s favorite thing to do at school? 
    • Her favorite activities in daycare are sharpening her fine motor activities and cutting crafts. 
  • At school, do you know what Harmony is currently learning or doing in the classroom, like drawing, planting, cooking, etc?
    • At the preschool, Harmony is also interested in making rice balls and is participating in various activities such as jachigi and attaching magnetic blocks together. Jachigi is a South Korean game where a long stick and two short sticks are hit and caught, with a circular hole and a circle being drawn in the ground. 
  • How has school improved Harmony’s character or behavior? Do you see a positive change in her due to going to preschool?
    • At the beginning of March, she was wary initially. Now, she interacts with her close friends, and although it is a small class community, her social skills are being developed. 
  • At home, is there something Harmony is always doing, like singing, skipping around the children’s home, or saying certain phrases? 
    • At home, she actively participates in play with her older sisters at home. These days, as her language skills are increasing, she understands most languages, responds appropriately to the situation, and acts accordingly. Lately, she tries to do everything by herself, saying “I am.” She still has a small craving for food, but is eating well. 

Harmony building blocks at preschool

Enjoying the inflatable swimming pool during KKOOM’s White Water Summer Camp

By giving to our preschool scholarship program, you are directly impacting Harmony’s life now but you are also positively improving her future. Toddlers in Korea’s social welfare system have fewer opportunities to start school at the same age as their peers. The Korean government does not fund their preschool education until they are four years old. 

Thanks to your loving kindness, Harmony started fine tuning her fine motor skills and social skills in preschool at 20-months-old. We are grateful you believe in the power of an education and help KKOOM close the opportunity gap for young Korean children. 

With gratitude, 

-Grace Lee, Executive Director

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