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Improving the Lives of Korean Youth Through Outreach and Education

[Day #12] What Makes KKOOM Different

KKOOM Impacted 263 Korean Children in 2023

What makes KKOOM different is not what we do, but how we do it. We are not the first organization in South Korea to support children or young adults in Korea’s social welfare system. But the KKOOM difference is this – we will do whatever is necessary to give Korean children experiences they deserve. 

Need to buy 50 more Christmas gifts for one more children’s home after we just purchased all 47 gifts for another children’s home? No problem. Ms. Noh, a retired house mother and another house mother will do it, above and beyond. Need to drop our own personal holiday schedule to be available for the KKOOM Christmas parties back-to-back on December 23rd and Christmas Eve? No problem. KKOOM Board member Leah will do it, above and beyond. Need to be on a phone call at 2:30AM Eastern Time confirming Christmas party logistics with the children’s home president in South Korea? No problem. KKOOM’s Executive Director Grace will do it, above and beyond. 

Need to raise $15,000 to provide Christmas gifts, meals, and parties for three children’s homes and approximately 150 children? No problem. The KKOOM community will raise what is necessary, above and beyond and double the amount to $30,000. We grew the impact from bringing holiday cheer to 150 children at three children’s homes to 206 children at five children’s homes. We are continuing the holiday activities into January and February with day trips to Seoul, amusement park adventures, and more!

Who is KKOOM? We do whatever we can to give Korean children positive experiences to last a lifetime and give access to educational opportunities so they can chase their dreams. Every single child and young adult we serve are worthy of love, dignity, and respect. 

Each of you gave to KKOOM in 2023 are a part of what makes KKOOM different. We are a virtual organization in every sense of the word – with Board members and donors all across the world, from California to Australia to South Korea; yet we all share a common thread – we deeply care about the children and young adults that KKOOM supports. The proof is in our programming. 

From funding college scholarships so four young men (Jin Gwang, Tae Hee, Yeong Gil, Jin Young) could start their college career, to giving early access for Seth, a newly arrived toddler in April to start preschool, to allowing 104 children to freely express themselves through a painting tote bag activity, to ensuring nine elementary school children had positive camp experiences this summer at the soccer camp, thank you for making a difference with us in the lives of Korean youth. As we wrap up 2023, we cannot help but be immensely grateful for all that we have accomplished together. 

We have big plans in 2024 that will change the trajectory of many generations to come. Thank you for those who generously support the work that we do. If you haven’t given to KKOOM, we invite you to join us in our mission to improve the lives of Korean children and young adults. Cheers to a new year of making futures brighter for Korean children and young adults! Together, let’s make more dreams possible in 2024!

With gratitude and love,

Grace Lee, KKOOM’s Executive Director

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