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[Day #2] What Is Your Dream?

What is your dream? This is the same question we asked four young adults who grew up at a KKOOM-supported children’s. These male students are now KKOOM College Scholars! We funded their first or second years in college with a semester scholarship of 1,000,000 won or approximately $770. We provided this scholarship for their spring and fall semesters this year.

To formally introduce the new college scholars to the KKOOM community, we asked each of them to share their future dreams and to write their own self-introductions. All of the new scholars are featured here except for Yeong Gil. We’re waiting to get his answers, so we will update the blog post with his information as soon as possible!


What Is Your Dream? “I think my dream would be anything related to Machinery. While attending the Kumoh Institute of Technology, I will take major classes and obtain certifications, which will be helpful in getting a job.”

Please Write a Self-Introduction “My name is Tae Hee. First of all, my hobby is listening to music, and my favorite thing to eat is eating. My motto is to carry out whatever I set my mind to.”


What Is Your Dream? “My dream is to become the CEO of a game and computer-related sales company. To achieve my dream, I plan to master all aspects of Business Administration and work in game and computer-related sales and work.”

Please Write a Self-Introduction “My number one hobby is gaming, and I often play RPG games. The second priority is kendo, which I do to keep my body healthy and because I like swords. My first favorite thing is gaming, and my second favorite thing is computer assembly. I became interested in it when I was in my third year of middle school, and now I can even disassemble and assemble a computer.”


What Is Your Dream? “My dream is to get a job and help others like I was helped. I think it is helpful to hear that there are people in certain situations and that you can help these people out.”

Please Write a Self-Introduction “My current hobbies are exercising and kicking a ball with friends, and my favorite thing is watching Liverpool, a foreign soccer team.

Thanks to the support from recurring donors, we are getting these four young men closer to achieving their future dreams, one scholarship at a time.

In the next college scholarship blog in 2024, we will share their intended majors, what were their favorite classes during their first or second year in college, and what challenges they faced as new KKOOM College Scholars.


Grace resides in Georgia and first volunteered with KKOOM in 2015 when she was a Fulbright English Teacher in Sejong. After volunteering at the Samsungwon Christmas party, she became a Board member in 2016, the Chief Administrator in 2017, and the organization’s first Executive Director in 2020. While at Georgia State University, she obtained a Public Policy degree, with a concentration in Nonprofit Leadership. As the Executive Director, she oversees all social media marketing, manages donor relations, email communications, and supervises our KKOOM interns and executive assistant. You can read more about Grace here.

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