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Improving the Lives of Korean Youth Through Outreach and Education

[Day #5] Sharing the Blessings

“Wonderful tradition! How can I participate remotely from within Korea? Can I donate money or purchase gifts to be mailed?” When we started to promote the annual holiday campaign, a former volunteer reached out on social media on how he could give to KKOOM.

David Stewart, a former KKOOM volunteer and Santa at the 2017 holiday party, lives in South Korea. We asked David to share why he gives to KKOOM. “I feel I have been blessed in many ways in my life, and I was raised to share those blessings whenever possible. I’m fortunate enough to be in a position to give, so I do. I’m happy to help in any way I can, and I hope God will spread those blessings far in the lives of these wonderful children.” 

We love the fact that former volunteers still believe in our organization to donate. They have seen first-hand the impact we make for the children we serve. Whether the donation is $15, $150, or $1,500, giving matters because you are helping to create strong bonds between the children and the KKOOM community, while bringing a sense of belonging to vulnerable children. 

Thank you David and to all of KKOOM’s volunteers in South Korea for making time out of your busy schedules to support in-person activities at our annual holiday parties. For our volunteers, it is just a moment in time. But for the children we serve, that moment can last a lifetime knowing that someone outside of the children’s home cares for them, understanding “I am loved and cared for,” even by strangers. Many people have walked out of their lives, but we are thankful for KKOOM volunteers who show up to brighten the lives of Korean children and young adults. 

Volunteers are the reason why KKOOM was founded and why it still exists today. While in-person parties and activities have been on hold for the past three years, we are excited to have volunteers again at our holiday parties in 2022 and future events to come. The Christmas parties and enrichment activities in South Korea are not possible without their dedication to simply show up. Showing up for the children we serve is the best thing we can provide them.


After graduating with an English degree from St. John’s University in New York, David wanted to start his teaching career in South Korea. David received the Fulbright grant to teach English in South Korea from 2013-2016 teaching at local high schools in Gongju and Naju. Still continuing that passion for expanding education opportunities for students globally, David still resides in South Korea, bridging the gap between the American and Korean cultures. 

Sharing is Caring!