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Improving the Lives of Korean Youth Through Outreach and Education

[Day #7] Paying It Forward

People connect to KKOOM’s mission for different reasons and we love hearing the stories of why people feel passionate to give back to children living in Korea’s social welfare system. Earlier this year, Patrick Yoon reached out to KKOOM asking about how to volunteer and to discuss ways to contribute to our programming needs. Thanks to the opportunities he has received through a college scholarship to study in the United States, Patrick pays it forward to the next generation in South Korea. Without this financial assistance, he would not have received the same access to opportunities he has today. 

Recently giving to our holiday campaign, Patrick had a chance to attend KKOOM’s Christmas Eve Holiday party. We were looking for a volunteer to be Santa and Patrick signed up to bring extra holiday cheer serving in this role. We asked Patrick to share why he gives to KKOOM. 

“I learned about KKOOM in 2020 and decided to contribute to its mission because I believe in the power of education to transform children’s lives and enable them to reach their full potential. I want to connect with the students, especially the young adults, and help them confidently navigate society and their careers with my personal stories of accepting my identity as a young immigrant with a readily visible disability and building my passion and community through diverse experiences.”

Thank you to Patrick and to the KKOOM community for truly making this holiday season a special one for the children we serve. 


Patrick is a donor for KKOOM and is a software engineer from Seoul. Born and raised in Korea, he studied abroad to attend college in Philadelphia. Since then, he has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. He attributes a lot of his success to the opportunity to study in the United States, thanks to a scholarship from the Korean government.

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