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Gaining Self-Confidence: Two New Preschool Scholars

KKOOM establishes a community for orphan toddlers outside of the children’s home by funding their preschool costs. The Korean government does not fund school costs for orphan children until they are 4 years old. KKOOM understands this causes an educational gap for the children we serve, so we provide funding as young as two years old. Giving these children access to a school environment is important for a child’s development because it builds a sense of self, while learning how to problem solve, set boundaries, and how to share with others.

Summer 2019 marked a season of new beginnings at two children’s homes we support. Four children arrived all on the same day on May 30th. KKOOM is happy to send two of the newly arrived children to preschool. While we have three preschool scholars now, here is more information about Minnie and Gabby, our newest preschool scholars.

Minnie, one of KKOOM’s newest preschool scholars, loves to smile!

Minnie is 23 months old. Her house mother describes her as “lively and spirited.” She loves to run, play with the other young children, and walks around with a unique posture similar to an adult. Her signature look is to hold her hands behind her back as she walks. Minnie stays positive through her laughs. Attending preschool helps her build social skills to interact with children her own age, as she continues to build her self-esteem. Wherever she goes, her presence in the room is evident with her poise and smile. Minnie exudes joy from the inside out.

Gabby loves making friends easily!

Gabby is 2.5 years old and is naturally a bright and lively child. Her house mother believes she will have no problem making friends in the future because she’s not afraid of approaching others with her kind personality. While she is young, she articulates herself very well. One of Gabby’s strengths is her gratefulness for what she has, including the toys at the children’s home. The value of her education is having the opportunity to learn from her peers in a positive environment.

The values, attitudes, and actions learned at preschool will positively influence Minnie and Gabby’s interactions with peers and adults in the future. We are confident the young toddlers will continue to thrive in school as they build their social and academic skills. If you would like to boost Minnie and Gabby’s self-confidence by funding their preschool education, you can start here. The investment you make in their lives is invaluable. Thank you very much for providing a better tomorrow for Minnie and Gabby!

With gratitude,

Grace Lee, Chief Administrator

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