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Interview with Minyeal, 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Minyeal (in plaid shirt): Spring & Fall 2017 College Scholarship Recipient

With your generous support in 2017, KKOOM funded 500,000 KRW (approximately $470 USD) scholarships to four college students for their spring and fall semester. These are young adults who grew up in Samsungwon Orphanage in Gumi, South Korea. We asked one of the recipients, Minyeal, if we could interview him about his current studies and what his plans are for the future.

KKOOM does not discriminate against providing scholarships based on a scholar’s chosen major. While KKOOM is a non-religious organization, we respect and value Minyeal’s passion to pursue mission work as his career field. Minyeal’s answers to the interview questions were directly translated from Korean to English below:

1) When are you graduating and what are you studying?
I am a second year student at World Cyber University where I am dual majoring in missions and social welfare. In August 2018, I’ll be graduating from taking my online courses.

2) Why did you decide to go to college?
While simply attending church on Sundays, I decided to join the Praise Team at my church while being involved with other volunteer activities. Even though I don’t have much knowledge of the Bible, I trusted God while being the leader of the Praise Team. I wanted to attend college to learn more about God’s word and to continue worshipping God through songs and praise.

3) What has been your best/favorite experience in college?
College life is pleasant and exciting every day. Although it is online classes, it can be boring from time to time. When I listen to lectures, do assignments, and discuss things with classmates, the time is so intense. While it is intense, these times are the most enjoyable because I’m able to focus on my studies.

4) What has been your hardest experience?
I had a hard time during the first semester of my freshman year. At that time, there were so many unfamiliar words and sentences that it was too difficult and challenging to take the exams. However, I started studying little by little, and now I’m enjoying it.

5) What is your dream to accomplish after college?
My dream is to be a worldwide praise minister and my goal is to spread the gospel among the nations. I am currently in the process of achieving these goals after graduation. I will obey and follow God’s guidance and continue to work towards my dreams.

6) How has KKOOM helped support your dream?
The existence of KKOOM and its mission gives me great confidence and strength. I am grateful and thankful to KKOOM for its role in supporting me and showing interest while I pursue my dreams. Thank you once again for all the supporters from KKOOM. I believe that God will give blessings to KKOOM. I will always pray for KKOOM. Thank you!

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