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Seeds of Hope – Interview with Jay’s House Mother

Jay, KKOOM’s Preschool Scholar is stylish with his red bag and trendy plaid pants.

Creativity and curiosity are skills that should blossom in a child’s early development. Natural curiosities, including the art of learning, develop in the preschool environment. KKOOM is proud to provide an early childhood education to toddlers at Korean children’s homes. We started sponsoring Jay to attend preschool earlier this spring. Recently, his house mother answered questions about his interests, progress in preschool, and personality traits.

  1. What does Jay like to do the most?
    • “He likes to ride outside in his (toy) car.”
  2. What is his favorite food? What food doesn’t he like?
    • “He enjoys eating marinated meat and ham. He doesn’t like vegetables” (spoken like any child who doesn’t like his servings of green vegetables).
  3. If you could describe his personality in one word, what would it be?
    • “I would say he has a mellow, soft-hearted personality.”
  4. What is the biggest change or improvement you’ve seen in Jay since arriving at Emmanuel?
    • “Having older brothers at the children’s home who watch and take care of him have positively impacted Jay.”
  5. How does he like preschool?
    • “While adjusting to the school environment well, he likes playing with his friends and riding cars together.”
Jay enjoys gardening, watering, and planting flowers at his preschool.

Jay is 26 months old and makes quite the fashion statement at school with his bold red backpack and trendy plaid black and white pants. His curiosity for the world seems to thrive in nature as he carefully plants and waters small flowers. Through his preschool education, Jay is understanding how to tend to a garden. Gardeners do everything possible to ensure that a seed, a plant, survives and thrives in its environment, through extreme temperatures and little or too much rain.

You are planting a seed, giving hope to Jay to grow in a positive environment with as much care and love he needs to grow. Thank you for helping to ensure Jay’s cognitive, social, and academic skills flourish by funding his preschool scholarship. You enrich his life by minimizing the educational gap between him and other children in South Korea. You play a special role in his life and together, we help him believe in tomorrow and the possibilities to succeed.

With gratitude,

-Grace Lee, Chief Administrator

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