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Help Korean Orphans This Summer

Chip in today to help Korean orphans and disadvantaged kids this summer vacation.

Any amount, big or small, will be greatly help the 60 kids at Samsungwon go to a water park and summer camp this summer! Funds will be used to purchase swimsuits, life jackets, water shoes and camp supplies. To give you an idea, here’s what various donation levels will help purchase:

  • $10 – Sunscreen and bug spray
  • $25 – A pair of water shoes and a life jacket
  • $50 – A swim suit and an inner tube
  • $100 – BBQ (hamburgers/hot dogs) and camp fire supplies (s’mores)
  • $500 – One-way transportation to camp

Additional funds over $2,000 raised will go to help pay for additional food and transportation for the trips first and then to the KKOOM General Fund.

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One of the Samsungwon children relaxes at California Beach

A child plays during a trip to a water park in 2014.

This summer has been extremely hot, seemingly everywhere, and Korea has been no exception. The kids at Samsungwon are looking forward to relieving the heat with an overnight visit to Caribbean Bay, a large water park, and also a three-day camping trip in one of Korea’s cool and majestic valleys. KKOOM will provide the transportation for the trip to the water park and is planning the activities for the camping trip, where the kids will be put in teams to complete activities and engage in friendly competitions. In addition to giving the kids something fun to do during the hot summer vacation, these trips give the kids a chance to develop positive, lasting memories, just like regular kids.

Samsungwon is the orphanage in Gumi, South Korea, where KKOOM and KKOOM’s founders have been volunteering since 2004.

Make a contribution now to help us send kids to summer camp!


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