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Believing In Her Dreams, Interview with Se-Hee

Se-Hee is a 1st year student at Gumi University

Se-Hee is a KKOOM scholarship recipient who just completed her first semester in college at Gumi University. In late May, while she studied Hotel Tourism, we asked her to update us on her studies and how she’s enjoying school. We hope you enjoy hearing directly from Se-Hee about her college experiences so far (translated from Korean to English).

Have you achieved your beginning-of-the-semester goal?

  • “Though I did not achieve it perfectly, I have studied 30 English sentences and words per week and I am trying to achieve my goal in the future.”

What is your favorite thing about this semester?

  • “I participated in a festival where I made and sold coffee and fruit ade drinks. It was a meaningful and good experience.”

How do you spend your free time?

  • “I participate in school events and conferences to continue practicing what I am learning.” 

What is your favorite class and why?

  • “Barista class. It is interesting to learn about coffee and brew coffee directly.”

How has this semester’s increase in scholarship money (500,000 KRW to 750,000 KRW), helped you?

  • “I am in a special certification course, practicing with written materials to achieve a level of English certification. The increase in scholarship funds allowed me to purchase supplies for this certification.”

Do you have anything you would like to say to your “dream” group supporters?

  • “Thank you very much for your help and support every semester. I still have a lot of English to learn, but I will study hard and I want to thank Grace and KKOOM supporters for everything.”


We’re grateful to share how diligently Se-Hee works both inside and outside the classroom. We are very proud of Se-Hee’s investment in her education, dedication to study English, and application of her classroom studies to real life experiences.

Thank you for believing in Se-Hee by continuing to support KKOOM’s College Scholarship Program. KKOOM and I are grateful to you!

-Grace Lee
Chief Administrator

Se-Hee practicing her barista skills at her school’s festival

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