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[Day #1] 4 Korean Children Walking in Confidence

The 12 Days of KKOOM is back! In December, we share twelve blog posts, one every day leading up to Christmas to highlight our impact year-round. This is our first blog post, so look out for more stories, reflections, and how your giving has brightened the lives of Korean children in 2021. 


Welcome Boost Fund for KKOOM’s Preschool Scholar, Harmony

Through KKOOM’s Welcome Boost Fund, we provide new clothing and basic necessities to every new child who arrives at a KKOOM-supported children’s home. We give the house mother approximately $125 to purchase the necessary items to make the child feel safe and comfortable. This initiative started in 2016 and since then, we have funded 25 Welcome Boost Funds. 

In 2021, four new children arrived, all within the month of March. One of those newly arrived children who came in as a twenty-month-old child is now KKOOM’s Preschool Scholar, Harmony. Harmony is the alias name we have provided the child to protect her privacy. Ranging from ages 2-8 years old, these children had to adjust to a new environment in the midst of a pandemic. 

Rocking the purple thanks to your generosity!

Despite the uncertainty with their life circumstances, the newly arrived children had to embrace a new beginning. It is not always easy to embrace change. The transition becomes easier for the children because you give them a newfound confidence through their new clothing. We all know the feeling of joy, head to toe, when we buy a new outfit. By supporting the Welcome Boost Funds, you give Korean children a reason to walk confidently into a new season, a season of fresh beginnings. 

It is the most beautiful thing when we specifically ask the KKOOM community via social media to fund this initiative. The ask is never too big because it is always fulfilled, sometimes within a matter of minutes. That is the beauty of community. That is the beauty of generosity. 

Thank you for giving confidence to the Korean children we support. Your love crosses borders and is deeply felt by the children. 

With gratitude,

-Grace Lee, Executive Director

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